Kumamoto Gakuen University Library

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  • Introduction
    Kumamoto Gakuen University Library (hereafter called "K.G.U.L") was founded as a part of the 50th aniversary of K.G.U in April, 1995. At present, the number of books in our collection is about 680,000 and there are about 7,400 kinds of magazines.

    The university library is a treasure house of wisdom and knowledge. We hope you will make good use of it throughout your college life.

    Address: 2-5-1 Oe Kumamoto Japan 862-8680
    (From JR Kumamoto Station)
    By Car About 15 minutes
    By Bus (1) Take a bus to Daiichi Kanjosen(Via Daigaku Byoin: University Hospital) and get off at "Oe Toroku". (2) Take a bus to Chuo Kanjosen(Via Daigaku Byoin: University Hospital) and get off at "Gakuen Dai Mae".

    (From Koutsu Center : Bus Station)
    By Car About 15 minutes
    By Bus Destination Bus Stop
    Kokai-Ezu senGakuen Dai Mae
    Via Takumabaru DoriOe Toroku
    (From Kumamoto Airport)
    By Car About 40 minutes
    By Bus Take an Airpot bus and get off at "Miso Tenjin Mae". 15 minutes walking brings you to K.G.U. from Miso Tenjin.


    The K.G.U.L. is open 9:00 - 23:00 on Monday through Saturday and is open 10:00 - 17:00 on Sunday. Books may be checked out until 22:00 on weekdays and Saturdays and until 17:00 on Sundays.

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    Searching the Catalogue
    The catalogue can be searched through the library's
    web page or stand-alone terminals in the library. The basic search pattern is the same.

    How to search
    If you are doing a key-word search, enter each word individually into one blank (e.g. two words require two blanks).

    If you are doing an author search, type the surname and then the given name separated only by a space (e.g. "Dickens Charles").

    Book Location "General Books" can be found on the first floor. Books listed as "study" are in faculty offices. Students can borrow these books by filling out an application form at the main desk on the first floor. One has to wait a few days for the books to come in from the faculty member's office but it may often be worth the trouble. If there is any other location listed that does not make sense please ask one of the library staff on duty.

    If there is a particular subject area in which you have an interest, simply going to the part of the library in which those books are shelved and browsing is often more rewarding than using the computer terminals to search. To determine the call number for the subject area(s) you wish to browse, view the
    "Nippon Decimal Classification" page.