Kumamoto Gakuen University Library


 Kumamoto Gakuen University Library was completed in April, 1995 as a part of the Kumamoto Gakuen University 50th Anniversary Project. At present, the number of books in our collection is about 920,000 and there are about 8,200 kind of magazines.

The university library is a treasure house of wisdom and knowledge. We hope you will make good use of it throughout your college life.

Library Hours

Open hours
SchoolMonday-Saturday1st/2nd/3rd floor8:50-22:00
Examination periodMonday-Friday8:50-22:00
 Library holidays(Closed):
  National holidays
  The day of anniversary of the founding(May, 30th)
  Summer holidays
  New year holidays
  The day of our university admission examinations
  The day of The Common Test for University Admissions

Opening hours are subject to change.

To Enter the Library

KGU students, Faculty and staff are able to enter the library without any restriction.
Please bring your ID card with you to accept the library services. Please scan your ID card at an entrance gate.


Reading Room materials can be used freely taken out from the shelves. After use, please be sure to return to its original location.

Circulations Services

Numbers of booksLoan periodsrenewals
UndergraduatesRequired2 weeks1 times
Graduate studentsRequired1 month1 times

How to find library materials

OPAC=Online Public Access Catalog

Photocopy Service

In the library, you can copy the library holdings in the area recognized copyright law.

10yen per sheet

Reference Service

Help you to find your materials or information of the user.

Interlibray Loan
If there is no collection of materials on campus, you can request copies of documents or books from other libraries.


2-5-1 Oe, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto Japan 862-8680